Channel Attachment Methods

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1. Dry-Wall Channel Anchoring System

  • For attachment directly over dry-wall construction. The three components of this system are situated to maintain the seat tabs in direct contact with the metal stud.
  • Seats available in 1/8″ thick material, from m” to 12″ in length.
  • Tabs from 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ long to accommodate specific thickness of wall board and insulation.
  • Optional closed-cell-neoprene gasket is available to provide extra insulation. It is pre-slotted for exact fit!!

2. Weld-On Channels

  • For welding directly to metal support beams.
  • Available up to 20′

3. Block Wall Channels

  • To be built into new block, back-up walls
  • Sized to accommodate block width

4. “U” Clamps

  • An alternative way to attach continuous channels.