Company And Mission

The name KRANDO is derived from the names of the owners three children; Krista, Anthony and Dominic, respectively. This symbolizes the strong family values that the DiAngelus family possess. The same family values of honesty, care and respect have been instilled in all employees of Krando Metal Products, Inc.
Established in 1987, Krando Metal Products, Inc. has effectively developed a reputation by continuously providing high quality components in a timely manner. This reputation has helped Krando Metal differentiate ourselves from other companies in the industry. Krando Metal Products Inc., is constantly updating its facility with state-of-the-art machinery, so that we may remain more diversified and versatile in the products we manufacture, and the services we offer. These modern technological capabilities provide Krando Metal with a competitive advantage.
By focusing on providing a one-stop purchasing experience for our clientele, Krando Metal can handle all responsibilities of your project from basic metal fabrication to finished assemblies, complete to your specifications.

Mission Statement

Krando Metal Products Inc. builds relationships with our customers through operating an honest and ethical work environment. By anticipating market trends, we will build an inventory of machinery and materials to meet our customers needs. We will offer superior products at competitive prices for years to come, with a corporate structure based on strong family values…