Curtain Wall Fabrication

Krando Metal Products, Inc. is now getting involved into a new scope of work. We see where the industry is heading, and we want to be ahead of it. So, with that being said… we have just purchased our first 5-axis CNC machining center designed to drill, mill, thread or cut on large pieces of aluminum, PVC or steel for the curtain wall industry.


Being able to handle all different types of aluminum extrusion now, we are able and ready to take on your next large curtain wall project. From full curtain wall fabrication or minor accessories… we can handle it all.

This machine has a 16-tool magazine that we can outfit with all the correct tools needed from job to job. By doing this, we have limited our down time and can run faster and more efficient. This machine can also be used in “double mode” which means while a part is being cut on the left side, I can unload and load another part of the right side… making us just that much more efficient.


We are always trying to find a way to stay ahead of the curve and we believe the curtain wall industry is a way to do that. So now you have your new East Coast Curtain Wall Fabricator!!! Give us a call and lets build the future one piece of extrusion at a time!